天津港到Salerno, Italy 萨勒诺,意大利集装箱海运

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天津港到Salerno, Italy 萨勒诺,意大利集装箱海运

salerno 港



  • Shipping agent 船舶代理
  • Handling Agent 操作代理
  • Booking Agent 订舱代理
  • Cargo Canvassing 揽货
  • FFF: Freight Forwarding Fee 货代佣金
  • Brokerage / Commission 佣金


  • Booking 订舱
  • Booking Note 订舱单
  • Booking Number 订舱号
  • Dock Receipt 场站收据
  • M/F (Manifest ) :a manifest that lists only cargo, without freight and charges 舱单
  • Cable/Telex Release 电放
  • A Circular Letter 通告信/通知书
  • PIC: Person in Charge 具体负责操作人员
  • The said party 所涉及的一方
  • On Board B/L: On Board提单    A B/L in which a carrier acknowledges that goods have been placed
  • on board a certain vessel。Used to satisfy the requirements of a L/C
  • Cancellation 退关箱


  • BP   Base Port 基本港
  • Prompt release 即时放行
  • Transit time 航程时间 / 中转时间
  • Cargo availability at destination in 货物运抵目的地
  • Second Carrier (第)二程船
  • In transit 中转
  • Transportation hub 中转港


  • Tractor 牵引车/拖头
  • Low-bed 低平板车
  • Trailer 拖车
  • Transporter 拖车
  • Trucking Company 车队(汽车运输公司)
  • Axle load 轴负荷
  • Tire-load 轮胎负荷
  • Toll Gate 收费口


  • Bonded Area 保税区
  • Bonded Goods ( Goods in Bond) 保税货物
  • Bonded Warehouse 保税库
  • Caged stored at bonded warehouse 进入海关监管
  • Fork Lift 叉车
  • Loading Platform 装卸平台


  • A Friday(Tuesday / Thursday)sailing 周五班 A fortnight sailing 双周班
  • A bi-weekly sailing 周双班
  • A monthly sailing 每月班
  • On-schedule arrival / departure 准班抵离
  • ETA :Estimated(Expected) Time of Arrival 预计到达时间
  • ETB: Estimated(Expected)Time of Berthing 预计靠泊时间
  • ETD Estimated(Expected) Time of Departure 预计离泊时间
  • The sailing Schedule/Vessels are subject to change without prior notice。 船期/船舶如有变更将不作事先通知
  • Closing Date:截止申报时间
  • Cut-off time:截关日


  • Ocean Freight 海运费
  • Sea Freight 海运费
  • Freight Rate 海运价
  • Charge / Fee (收)费
  • Dead Freight 空舱费
  • Dead Space: Space in a car, truck, vessel, etc., that is not utilized 亏舱
  • Surcharge / Additional Charge 附加费
  • Toll 桥/境费
  • Charges that are below a just and reasonable level 低于正当合理的收费
  • Market Price Level 市场价水平
  • Special Rate 特价
  • Rock Bottom Price 最低底价
  • Best Obtainable Price 市场最好价
  • CC Freight to Collect 到付运费
  • Freight Payable At Destination 到付运费
  • Back Freight 退货运费
  • Fixed Price 固定价格
  • Comm. Commission 佣金
  • Rebate 回扣/折扣
  • Drayage charge: made for local hauling by dray or truck 拖运费
  • GRI :General Rate Increase 运价上调
  • SGRI :Second General Rate Increase 第二次运价上调
  • GRD :General Rate Decrease 运价下调
  • TGRD :Temporary General Rate Decrease 临时运价下调
  • PSS :Peak Season Surcharge 旺季附加费
  • Wharfage: A charge assessed by a pier against freight handled over the pier 码头附加费
  • THC :Terminal Handling Charge 码头操作附加费
  • ORC :Origin Receiving Charge 始发接单费
  • CUC :Chassis Usage Charge 拖车运费
  • IAC :Inter-modal Administrative Charge(U.S. Inland Surcharge) 内陆运输附加费
  • DDC :Destination Delivery Charge (目的地卸货费)
  • OAC: Origin Accessory Charge 始发港杂费
  • MAF: Manifest Amendment Fee 舱单改单费


  • For prompt shipment 立即出运
  • Cargo Supplier (供)货方
  • Upcoming Shipment 下一载货 Same Assignment 同一批货
  • Nomination Cargo 指定(指派)货
  • Indicated / Nominated Cargo 指装货
  • Shipments under B/L No。XXX XXX提单货
  • Cargo Volume 货量
  • Freight Volume 货量
  • Reefer Cargo 冷冻货
  • High-Value Cargo (goods) 高价货
  • Miss Description 虚报货名
  • Agreement Rate 协议运价
  • D & H dangerous and hazardous 危险品


  • S/O Shipping Order 托(运)单
  • B/L Bill of Lading 提单
  • B/L Copy 提单副本
  • OBL Ocean Bill of Lading 海运提单
  • HBL House Bill of Lading 无船承运人提单
  • TBL Through Bill of Lading 全程提单
  • Advanced BL    Advanced Bill of lading 预借提单
  • Anti-Dated BL    Anti-dated Bill of Lading 倒签提单
  • Blank BL       Blank Bill of Lading 空白提单
  • ‘To Order’B/L 指示提单
  • Combined Bill 并单(提单)
  • Separate Bill 拆单(提单)
  • Straight B/L: A non-negotiable B/L。the Pomerene Act governs its operation in the US。 记名提单
  • On Board B/L :A B/L in which a carrier acknowledges that goods have been placed on board a certain vessel。Used to satisfy the requirements of a L/C      =On Board提单
  • Shipped B/L: A B/L issued only after the goods have actually been shipped on board the vessel,as distinguished from the received for Shipments B/L 已出运的货物提单 (On Board B/L; Shipped B/L 已装船提单 )
  • Received for Shipment B/L 备运提单
  • Transhipment B/L 转船提单
  • Through B/L 联运提单
  • Shipper(Consignee)Box 发(收)货人栏(格)
  • Arrival Notice 到货通知书
  • M/F 舱单
  • Batch Filing 批量报备
  • Manifest Discrepancy 舱单数据不符
  • Acknowledgement of Manifest Receipt 收到舱单回执
  • Packing List 装箱单
  • Cargo Receipt 承运货物收据
  • D/R Dock Receipt 场站收据
  • D/O Delivery Order 交货单(小提单)
  • Shipper’s Export Declaration 货主出口申报单
  • Shipping Advice 装运通知(似舱单 NVOCC用)
  • Manifest information 舱单信息
  • FCN Freight Correction Notice 舱单更改单(通知)
  • Surrender O B/L copies for consignment 交回提单副本
  • Release Note receipt signed by customer acknowledging delivery of goods 货物收讫单

(九)Inspection-related Terms 检验相关术语

  • Customs Inspection 海关查验
  • Commodity Inspection 商品检验
  • Tally 理货
  • Tally Report 理货报告
  • Check 查验/检查/核对
  • Fumigation:熏蒸
  • Animal / Plant Inspection 动植物检验
  • INSP Inspection / Inspector 检验/检验员
  • Certificate of Origin ( normally issued or signed by a Chamber of Commerce or Embassy ) (始发地)原产地证书
  • Arbitration 仲裁
  • ACH :Automated Clearing House ( part of ACS ) 自动清关
  • AMS :Automated Manifest System ( for anti-terrorism ) 自动舱单(反恐)申报系统
  • CSS :Cargo Selectivity System 货物抽验
  • CHB :Customs House Broker 报关行
  • SED :(EX-DEC) Shipper’s Export Declaration 货主出口报关单
  • QUOTAs Quantity of one HTS item allowed to be imported at either higher or lower rate of duties. 进口配额
  • DDP: Delivery Duty Paid 完税
  • DDU: Delivery Duty Unpaid 未完税
  • DRAWBACK: Duties payment refunded because freight is re-exported or for similar circumstances 退税金额
  • Customs fine 海关罚款
  • Customs seals 海关关封
  • Application for inspection 检验申请
  • To expedite the clearance 加快清关
  • Pilferage 盗窃/偷窃
  • To be liable for a penalty of 受到。。。处罚
  • Non-fraudulent violation of the regulation 非故意违反规定
  • To file certifications with Customs 向海关申报有效证明
  • To follow the current procedure 遵循现行程序
  • To abide by 。。。rule 遵照。。。规定
  • To provide specific language 提供一定说法
  • To be not authorized 不予认可


  • COC   Carrier’s Own Container(CARRIER OWNED CTN) 船东自有箱
  • Container Cleaning 洗箱
  • VEN    Ventilated 通风
  • FRZ    Frozen 冰冻
  • HTD    Heated 加热
  • I.D.     Inside Dimension 箱内尺码
  • Inside Measurement 箱内尺码
  • TW ( TARE WEIGHT ) The weight of an empty container 箱子皮重
  • Container Leasing Co。 租箱公司
  • Equipment Exchange (Interchange) Receipt 设备交接单 Repositioning 集装箱回空
  • Container Leasing long-term / short-term lease 集装箱租赁 长期 / 短期
  • Leasing Company 租箱公司
  • premises for longer period than provided in Tariff 空箱滞箱费
  • Demurrage 重箱滞箱费


我是国内的一家外贸企业的业务员,有位意大利的客户和我司成交了一笔单子 ,交易方式为100%不可撤销即期信用证。 2018-11-29 我们通过天津港的迪士海运从天津港发往 意大利 Italy Campania 坎帕尼亚区 萨勒诺 Salerno ,货物是不是已经到目的港了,现在客户来邮件说:提单上必须显示信用证编号否则提不了货拒绝付款,货值3846900USD;意大利海关规定 到港后21天无人提货将进入海关监管进行公开拍卖。现求助各位在意大利的华人了解下萨勒诺海关是否有这项规定:提单中没有信用证编号不予放货。如没有这项规定我司方便及时找迪士海运做退运处理减少损失,请各位同胞帮下忙。

起运港是天津新港 (XINGANG, CHINA), 目的港是 意大利 Italy Campania 坎帕尼亚区 萨勒诺 Salerno 



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Salerno, Italy 萨勒诺,意大利

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